2011 Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress

Preparations are underway for the next Sage Bionetworks Congress which will be held April 15-16, 2011 in San Francisco. Our theme for the coming year is the move towards personalized, patient-driven medicine, and the role that Sage Bionetworks can play in that transition. There will be reports from the Sage Bionetworks Federation, Working Groups, and exciting projects like SageCite, as well as hackathons, poster sessions, and evening activities.

The Congress Announcement page contains information on the “attendance criteria”; this year we are asking potential attendees to indicate how they are working to build a commons, whether in data, technology, science, policy, advocacy or more. We really want this meeting to be one in which everyone has a stake, and has worked to make a more open approach to science a reality. We expect significant demand for about 250 seats so if you’d like to attend please register your interest soon.

Ingenuity Systems and Sage Bionetworks begin Collaboration

Ingenuity Systems (www.ingenuity.com), a leading provider of information solutions for life science researchers, has begun a new collaboration with Sage Bionetworks. Under the collaboration, Sage Bionetworks will leverage IPA®, Ingenuity’s industry-leading analysis software, and the Ingenuity® Knowledge Base of structured biomedical Findings, to inform and enhance Sage’s predictive disease networks. Additionally, Sage Bionetworks’ web portal will provide links to the Ingenuity Knowledge Base and to IPA, to help visitors access timely, context-rich biomedical information and better understand it in a biological context. Sage Bionetworks’ content, algorithms, and predictive disease networks will also be made available within Ingenuity products like IPA®.

The Ingenuity-Sage collaboration will support therapeutic area researchers who are working to understand the complex developments in the diagnosis, treatment, and etiology of diseases. Researchers will be able to use the content and algorithms from Sage Bionetworks within IPA to analyze molecular data, generate testable hypotheses, and build and visualize predictive disease models. These models will enable researchers to more rapidly identify and prioritize therapeutic targets for drug development and assess toxicity of potential drug candidates.

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with Ingenuity Systems”, stated Stephen Friend MD, PhD, President, Sage Bionetworks. “Leveraging their high-quality, expert-reviewed Ingenuity Knowledge Base Findings and their powerful pathway analytics in our research will enhance and add functionality to our predictive disease networks and algorithms.”

“This represents a rare and precious opportunity to fundamentally advance the field of predictive disease networks,” said Doug Bassett, Chief Science and Technology Officer at Ingenuity, “We’re thrilled to be working with Sage in this context, and excited at the value this can bring to Sage and Ingenuity customers and partners. We are committed to providing researchers with the very best predictive disease content and analytics within Ingenuity’s products.”

Media coverage: http://bit.ly/adS5AX http://bit.ly/bKrkNZ