Sage Bionetworks named one of the two best places in the world to work

It is wonderful to report that Sage Bionetworks has been ranked #2 in The Scientist’s tenth international survey of best places to work in academia. The Scientist noted that in this year’s survey, researchers around the world said they valued the personal satisfaction their workplace offers above all else. Sage Bionetworks was profiled by Hayley Dunning who noted that with fewer than 30 researchers, each with a different specialty, Sage Bionetworks was an “incubator for innovation,” quoting Senior Scientist Brian Bot, who feels that weekly interactions with software engineers as well as oncologists with direct patient contact help him put “a different spin on things.”

Dr. Stephen Friend, President of Sage Bionetworks, remarked, “This unanticipated recognition for our young endeavor illustrates the increasing importance of collective biomedical research and is reflected in recent large number of outstanding researchers wanting to work here.

The survey complied over 1,000 responses from full-time life scientists working in academic and non-profit research institutions around the world. The Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco ranked first for the second year in a row. Sage Bionetworks was cited as a newcomer in the top 25 institutions that also included the Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

A New Model

“Sage Bionetworks does not follow traditional research organization models”, Stephen Friend noted. “We have an outstanding interdisciplinary team of experts working towards a common strategic goal rather than individual academic recognition.” Building from its computation biology roots, Sage Bionetworks is also increasingly working with patient advocates and communities to help build better models of disease.

Sage Bionetworks is focused on changing how medical researchers and citizens collaborate on large datasets to create useful models of disease with initiatives such as Synapse, an open access analysis and collaboration platform, and the DREAM breast cancer prognosis challenge that enables research community interaction.

It should be noted that Sage Bionetworks partners with a broad array of academic and commercial entities to accomplish its goals. We have been especially fortunate to have the support of the NCI’s Integrative Cancer Biology Program and the Washington Life Sciences Discovery fund for this start-up enterprise as well as ongoing partnerships with organizations such as IBM, Google, Amazon and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.”

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