Young Investigator Travel Awards

Sage Bionetworks is offering 10 travel awards to the 2012 Commons Congress in San Francisco to grad students, postdocs and early stage investigators. Details and an on line application form are available on the Congress website.  This is a fantastic opportunity for young clinicians, biologists, software engineers and computational scientists who are passionate about open science and data-intensive science to participate and contribute.

Application deadline is February 29, so act quickly. Please forward this information on to outstanding candidates!


2011 Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress

Preparations are underway for the next Sage Bionetworks Congress which will be held April 15-16, 2011 in San Francisco. Our theme for the coming year is the move towards personalized, patient-driven medicine, and the role that Sage Bionetworks can play in that transition. There will be reports from the Sage Bionetworks Federation, Working Groups, and exciting projects like SageCite, as well as hackathons, poster sessions, and evening activities.

The Congress Announcement page contains information on the “attendance criteria”; this year we are asking potential attendees to indicate how they are working to build a commons, whether in data, technology, science, policy, advocacy or more. We really want this meeting to be one in which everyone has a stake, and has worked to make a more open approach to science a reality. We expect significant demand for about 250 seats so if you’d like to attend please register your interest soon.

More Genomics Current Events Reading

Sage Bionetworks
Stephen Friend has published a short editorial/review on the Sage Commons Congress in the new journal Science Translational Medicine.  It connects Sage Bionetworks’ vision and mission with the activities of the April meeting.  Free access is available on the Sage Bionetworks News page.

Nature Biotechnology continues to follow new industry trends in its July 2010 issue.  Stephen Strauss contributed an article entitled, “Pharma Embraces Open Source Models” that highlights Sage’s progressive pharmaceutical partnerships.

DIY Genomics
The fledgling Direct to Consumer (DTC) genomics industry encountered a congressional tempest in Washington DC last week with the release of a highly critical GAO report and subsequent committee hearings.  The report is available on line and there are several insightful commentaries from National Public Radio, Natasha Singer in The New York Times, Dan Vorhaus, Daniel MacArthur and David Ewing Duncan in as well as a rebuttal from 23 and me.

Sage Commons Congress Video

Videos of most Sage Commons Congress Presentations are now available on the presentations page of the Sage Congress web site.  The April 2010 event in San Francisco was a huge success and the videos capture the excitement of the first Sage Commons Congress.    You may view streaming video from or download the video files directly to your computer and view them with a suitably equipped web browser or a flash viewer.

PDF copies of most of the presentations are also available for downloading.  For more information or to learn how you can get involved please contact