The Commons

Community resource to develop and share large scale predictive network models of disease.

Commons Principles

The Sage Bionetworks Commons is an open source computational environment being developed to share mega-datasets and advanced tools in order to facilitate cooperative compilation, comparison and evaluation of network models of disease. A set of Principles was developed at the 2011 Commons Congress to communicate the vision and to guide the behavior of those working in the Commons.

Sage Bionetworks Commons Principles


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While specifically addressing the 'pre-competitive' goals of the Commons, the Principles were developed and approved by attendees at the 2011 Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress as a model of data-intensive science cooperation and sharing for the entire scientific community. You can demonstrate your support for open science, patient rights and progressive data sharing by endorsing the Principles or adding a comment. (note: your email address is for submission verification and will never provided to third parties)

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Repository and Computational Platform

Sage Bionetworks has created a repository of genomics datasets, curated to a uniform high standard, that are freely available to researchers. Many are global coherent datasets with linked genotype, phenotype and intermediate (e.g. proteomics) layers that are particularly useful for the construction of predictive network models of disease. Sage Bionetworks is also building a new computational platform called 'Synapse' that will be available late in 2011.

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Addressing unmet needs, changing behaviors

Recent technology advances offer biologists a spectrum and quantity of data that was previously unimaginable. In order to transform this information into healthcare advances scientists need to abandon traditional linear and siloed research behaviors and work cooperatively. The Commons has been developed to address this need and to facilitate contributor-based community innovation.

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