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Sage Bionetworks is establishing a community catalogue of datasets, contributed by scientists and citizens, for use in integrative genomics analysis and building predictive computational disease models. We are seeding this effort with a set of high impact datasets, which are freely available.  These data, which were previously available through an ftp site at this location, are now available for download through Synapse, an innovation space we have created to bring scientific data, tools, and disease models together into a Commons that will enable true collaborative research. The Synapse platform consists of a web portal, web services, and integrations with data analysis tool and is organized around novel “Analysis Communities” that any scientist can create or join.

Data available for download are publicly available.  Users will be required to create a Synapse account and agree to Synapse terms and conditions of use.  The terms include using the data in an ethical manner, not attempting to re-identify study participants, to properly cite data generators, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations on human data use.

You can browse all the data in Synapse or access Synapse data that has been curated by Sage Bionetworks analysts. Alternatively you can use the links below to access specific datasets

For more information:

Links for specific repository datasets:
These links provide access to the datasets previously located on this page:

Bladder cancer cohort
Breast Cancer ICR
Breast Cancer NKI
Breast Cancer Stanford Norway
Cancer Cell Line Panel
Colorectal cancer, VUMC, Amsterdam
Gastric Bypass Cohort
Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Hong Kong
Heterogeneous Stock Mice
Human Liver Cohort
Glioblastoma TCGA
LFN-Kronos-PHASE I Brain Data
MD Anderson
MSKCC Prostate Cancer
Mouse Model of Blood Pressure
Mouse Model of Diet and Metabolic Disease
Mouse Model of Diet-Induced Atherosclerosis
Mouse Model of Diet-Induced Breast Cancer
Mouse Model of Metabolic Disease
Mouse Model of Sarcopenia
Mouse Model of Sexually Dimorphic Atherosclerotic Triats
Mouse Model of Sleep-Wake Traits
Sanger Cell Line Project


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