Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sage Bionetworks?

Sage Bionetworks is a new medical research organization. It is an independent corporate entity that leases offices at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. Sage is an IRS 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated as a non-profit in Washington State.

What does Sage Bionetworks do?

Sage Bionetworks accomplishes its work through partnerships and has three primary activities:

  1. Our researchers actively collaborate with a number of academic and commercial partners to apply advanced integrative genomic analysis to genetic and clinical datasets.
  2. We provide training for interdisciplinary researchers to gain next generation bioinformatics skills that is the focus of a new National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Systems Biology.
  3. We are catalyzing and coordinating the development of a major new biological network and systems biology resource, the Sage Bionetworks Commons.

How is Sage Bionetworks funded?

Sage Bionetworks has a portfolio of philanthropic support, income from collaborative research partnerships and funding from competitive research grants. We are interested in expanding our network of strategic supporters and invite inquiries to info@sagebase.org

What is the Sage Bionetworks Commons?

The Commons is a novel computational environment for shared research and development of biological network models and their application to human disease and biology. It will consist of very large network datasets, tools and models organized within conventions governing user participation. Sage is working with international experts in these domains on the detailed strategic plan for the Commons over the next three to five years.
>>Read more about the Commons

How will data and tools be made available?

Datasets and tools will be available on the web. Due to the size of datasets and the computational requirements for disease models advanced training, distributed storage and shared computational resources will be used. When the commons is fully operational some participant datasets may be subject to a quarantine period to balance individual opportunity with communal benefit.

How will contributions be acknowledged and rewarded?

Appropriate attribution of contributions is vital for researchers and is a major priority for the Commons Citation Project. Protocols and processes are being developed in partnership with the broader research community, funders and publishers to ensure attribution procedures that fully recognize contributions to the generation, analysis, and use of datasets and disease models.

How can I participate?

Researchers can explore opportunities to contribute high quality datasets and innovative tools to the initial repository by contacting repdata@sagebase.org. Details on access to the first data release will be available on the Sage web site and interested parties are invited to subscribe to the Sage Bionetworks Discussion Forum RSS Feed and Newsletter for updates.

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