Sage Bionetworks

Our mission is to create an open access, integrative bionetwork evolved by contributor scientists working to eliminate human disease.

Sage Bionetworks is a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit biomedical research organization created to revolutionize how researchers approach the complexity of human biological information and the treatment of disease.

Sage’s mission has five interdependent themes:

  • Research on network models of disease
  • Pilot projects trialing disruptive models of cooperation
  • Rules and reward structures that promote data sharing
  • Building the computational platform for a digital Commons
  • Activating public engagement and access

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campusApplying genetic research to improve disease therapies

Our thinking is driven by two recent trends in biomedical research:

  1. We've witnessed exponential increases in the quantity of molecular and genetic information without concomitant advances in the understanding of biology or disease, and;
  2. We need development and validation of computational methods for integrating massive molecular and clinical datasets obtained across sizable populations into predictive disease models that can recapitulate complex biological systems with increasing accuracy.

These problems are compounded by current systems and practices for sharing datasets as well as the scale of data and computational capacity required to construct useful integrated genomic models of networks and systems.

About Sage Bionetworks

Sage Bionetworks was formed as a strategic nonprofit research organization with a mission to coordinate and link academic and commercial biomedical researchers through a Commons that represents a new paradigm for genomics intellectual property, researcher cooperation, and contributor-evolved resources.

We are located on the campus of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington and are supported through a portfolio of philanthropic donations, competitive research grants, and commercial partnerships.

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