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01 March 2013 - Stephen Friend presented at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Integrating Genomes and Networks to Understand Health and Disease

19 February 2013 - The DREAM Project joins Sage Bionetworks to enable collaborative science Press release

13 February 2013 - Stephen Friend presented at the Duke Cancer Institute Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program Seminar Series in Raleigh-Durham, NC Integrating Genomes and Networks to Understand Health and Disease

13 February 2013 - CommonMind Consortium Expands Public-Private Effort to Generate and Broadly Share Molecular Data on Neuropsychiatric Disease Press release

31 January 2013 - Stephen Friend presented at the Collaborative Summit on Breast Cancer Research Enabling a Paradigm Shifting Precompetitive Open Access Research Strategy and Engaging Advocates in Research / Breast Cancer Challenge

30 January 2013 - Stephen Friend presented at the HMS Genetics Center for Cancer Systems Biology Harnessing the Power of Teams to Build Better Models of Disease In Real Time

16 January 2013 - Stephen Friend presented at the AACR Systems Biology Think Tank in Philadelphia If Not Now Then When?

11 January 2013 - Eric Schadt appeared on Katie, as part of a show about medical mysteries : A Case for the Ages

10 January 2013 - Stephen Friend presented at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC : Integrating Environmental Health Data to Advance Discovery

9 January 2013 - John Wilbanks presented at the BROAD Institute in Cambridge, MA : Let's Pool our Medical Data (video)

8 January 2013 - Stephen Friend interviewed at Insight Labs : The Entrepreneur and...

19 December 2012 - H3 Biomedicine Announces Strategic Collaboration with Sage Bionetworks to Advance Cancer-Genomics Research : Press release.

13 December 2012 - Stephen Friend presented at the NRNB Symposium on Network Biology in San Francisco : Corruption of Denial (video)

29 November 2012 - Stephen Friend presented at Partnering For Cures 2012 in New York : Sage Bionetworks: BRIDGE (are you making the right investments?)

21 November 2012 - Sage Bionetworks members co-authored an article on aging: Genome-wide Methylation Profiles Reveal Quantitative Views of Human Aging Rates. This work is a product of the Sage Federation, a consortium of research labs whose goal is to encourage greater openness and sharing of biomedical data and analyses.

14 November 2012 - Stephen Friend presented at the DREAM Conference in San Francisco: Corruption of Denial

8 November 2012 - Stephen Friend presented at the 24th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics in Dublin: Integrating Cancer Networks and the Value of Compute Spaces

16 & 17 October 2012 - Sage Bionetworks staff, board members and friends presented at Strata Rx Conference 2012 in San Francisco. Presentations are online, including: John Wilbanks: Choose Your Monopolies Wisely; Stephen Friend: Dreaming of Tenure and IPOs While Patients Suffer and Diseases Remain Untreated - What prevents Open Approaches to Building Better Models of Disease?"; Eric Schadt: "Elucidating the Complexity of Human Disease in the The Era of Big Data"; Erich Huang:"clearScience: Dragging Scientific Communication into the Information Age"; and Jamie Heywood, PatientsLikeMe: "A Small Proposal: One Experiment"

2 October 2012 - Brian Bot presented at Strata Conference in London: clearScience: Dragging Scientific Communication into the Information Age

12 September 2012 – Kelly LaMarco has published a Science Translational Medicine Editor's Choice Report describing the Sage Bionetworks/DREAM Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge that continues to welcome new participants until October 15, 2012. Winners of the Challenge will be invited to San Francisco (with their travel costs paid for by DREAM and Sage Bionetworks) to present in either the November, 2012 DREAM conference or Sage Bionetwork’s April, 2013 4th Annual Congress.

12 August 2012 - Alex Howard has published an interview with Sage Bionetworks Director John WIlbanks on data as a currency and the challenges of data donation, contextual privacy, and open networks in a Health Data Commons

1 August 2012 - Sage Bionetworks ranked #2 in The Scientist’s tenth international surveyof best places to work in academia. The Scientist noted that in this year’s survey, researchers around the world said they valued the personal satisfaction their workplace offers above all else. Sage Bionetworks press release - The Scientist Press Release.

23 April 2012 - 3rd Commons Congress. The 2012 Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress presentations and videos are now available on line.

18 April 2012 -"Sage Bionetworks Moves from Thinking Stage to Doing Stage" Luke Timmerman has written a detailed update on the continued growth and evolution of Sage Bionetworks and its initiatives in Xconomy.

February 2012 - Seattle TimesMagazine Cover Story. Maureen O'Hagen has done a wonderful story on Stephen Friend and his formation of Sage Bionetworks with a goal that was nothing short of revolutionizing the way drug discovery is done so patients don't have to wait for help.

9 February 2012 - Stephen Friend profiled in Science. Jocelyn Kaiser has written an extensive profile of Sage Bionetworks and Stephen Friend in Science. Her summary, "Seeking to spur drug development, Stephen Friend has launched a daring series of initiatives to make biomedical research more open and effective."

8 February 2012 - Young Investigator Travel Awards are available for the April 2012 Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress. The awards will cover travel and accommodation expenses (there is no registration charge) and application can be made online.

4 October 2011- Democratization of Medicine. Stephen Friend has published a thoughtful essay in a special genomics edition of The Scientist entitled," Thinking outside the genome". It notes how the rise of -omics technology creates a new, albeit challenging, opportunity for scientists to work collectively with non-scientists to make substantive improvements in health care delivery.

3 August 2011 - Partnering between pharma peers on the rise. Asher Mullard has published a nice commentary in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery on the growing number of pharma to pharma partnerships and the role that Arch2POCM and Enlight Biosciences are playing in these consortia.

22 June 2011 -Leveraging Crowdsourcing: Arch2POCM meeting report in Science Translational Medicine. Arch2POCM is a groundbreaking public-private partnership that is establishing an open, distributed pre-competitive drug discovery and development environment to accelerate therapeutic advances across the pharmaceutical industry. Thea Norman, Chas Bountra, Aled Edwards, Keith Yamamoto, and Stephen Friend have published a report on the exciting progress the nascent Arch2POCM initiative made at its April 2011 meeting in San Francisco. Through a special arrangement with Science Translational Medicine you can download a PDF of the full article for free by clicking on this link.

13 May 2011 - Public release of Commons Principles. This charter for open, contributor-driven genomic research and progressive community engagement was developed to define behaviors and processes for those working in the Commons computational environment as well as for researchers interested in cooperative, data-intensive science and patient advocacy. The Principles are an aspirational guide rather than a detailed roadmap (which will come from the activities of Community of Interest D over the next year.) This vision for the Commons is described in six principles emphasizing the; healthcare focus, open platform, respect for all stakeholders, proper attribution, transparent standards, and absence of IP barriers. The Principles have been approved by Congress attendees and the Sage Bionetworks Board of Directors. They are now open for public endorsement and comment. We invite supporters of open science and public engagement to add their voice: Commons Principles


Congress Videos and Presentations

Videos of the 2012 Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress Presentations are available on the Congress web site. You can view streaming video from or download the video files directly to your computer. PDF copies of most presentations are also available for downloading.

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