Sage Bionetworks is establishing a new Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB) under the NCI Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP) featuring an innovative two year postdoctoral training and ambassador program as an integral part of the systems biology and computational modeling research activities.

The scientific core of the Sage Bionetworks CCSB incorporates key cancer datasets into a platform that will form the basis for predictive model building using both methods developed within Sage Bionetworks but also importantly by our collaborators. Critical to this vision is a 2 year post-doctoral training and internship program that will allow visiting fellows to bring in data and methods from other CCSBs thereby providing the environment by which models can be compared and refined.

The Sage Bionetworks CCSB will build a platform on up to 5 key tumor types that have high content molecular data available (genotype – SNP, CNV, mRNA & miRNA profiles, methylation status, DNA and RNA sequence data, clinical endpoints, etc). These will include liver, colon, brain, lung and ovarian cancer. The relationships between germ-line DNA variation (SNP genotypes), somatic DNA variation (CNAs and sequence data), mRNA profiles (arrays and RNA-seq) and clinical outcomes will be examined to understand the molecular networks that characterize and drive the tumorigenic process as well to predict outcome.

The centerpiece of the Sage Bionetworks ICBP Center is a novel postdoctoral training and internship program in which diverse participants will have an opportunity to both contribute data to this platform from their host institution and receive advanced training on analysis methods. During the second year the fellows will advise and teach the approaches to other cancer researchers. Importantly, the fellows will also be expected to compare the application of alternative methods from other CCSB institutions on a unified dataset such that a true comparison of the strengths and benefits of different modeling approaches can be realized. In this way fellows will not only receive systems biology training but will also be a key interface in developing the Sage platform for the scientific community.

More information on career opportunities in the Center is available on the Careers Page.


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