Public-Private Partnerships


Sage Bionetworks works with strategic partners in all of its initiatives. Research projects have academic or commercial collaborators who generate clinical and molecular data and work with us to create predictive disease maps. Larger initiatives such as our research and training Center for Cancer Systems Biology is a partnership with the National Cancer Institute’s Integrative Cancer Biology Program and eleven other centers across the country. Our Washington Partner’s Program is a partnership with the Washington Life Science Discovery Fund to enable academic and biotech researchers to integrate network analysis in their development programs quickly and inexpensively.

Public-private partnerships help tear down the commercial and cultural barriers that have traditionally restricted the exchange, and thus the use, of large scale genomic and clinical datasets. They provide a new paradigm for realizing the full benefit of research grants and corporate investments as well as the often synergistic expertise in academic and pharma laboratories. Sage Bionetworks is working to establish two such partnerships that are described on the linked pages.

Arch2POCM - The Archipelago To Proof Of Concept in Medicine is a public-private partnership to organize an open access distributed scientific and clinical network for taking high risk/high opportunity disease targets through to clinical validation of mechanism. Organized by Aled Edwards, Chas Bountra and Stephen Friend from the Structural Genetics Consortium and Sage Bionetworks, it seeks to ensure that more high-risk, high opportunity therapeutic targets gain clinical proof of mechanism.

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